Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My 10 Top "Stuff Management" Rules

Going back to my college days for a second, I absolutely loved watching "The Late Show with David Letterman."  

I didn't always stay up to watch the interviews but faithfully, every night at 10:35 Mountain Time, I was watching his show to hear his Top Ten lists. Weren't they great??

If you don't know what I'm talking about (like you're from another planet or something), check a few of these out:

Top Ten Least Popular Broadway Shows
10. Oprah-homa!
 9. Sunday in the Park with George Steinbrenner
 8. Twelve Angry Men and a Baby
 7. Sharptonmania
 6. Roy Rogers' Incontinent Dog and Monkey Rodeo
 5. I'm Not Gonna Pay a Lot for This Muffler: A Dramatic Reading by
    James Earl Jones
 4. David Brinkley's Enchanted World of Magic and Illusion
 3. Meese!
 2. Death of an Amway Salesman
 1. Oh! Velveeta!

Top Ten Summer Jobs in Hell
10. Intestine adjuster
 9. Professional bowler chaperone
 8. Pit bull tickler
 7. Rex Reed's living chair
 6. Cleveland Indians ticket scalper
 5. Personal scratcher to Mr. Ed Asner
 4. Understudy to big Kool-Aid pitcher
 3. Hornet groomer
 2. Staff psychologist, Islamic Jihad
 1. Human axle, Raymond Burr's town car

Bigfoot's Top Ten Peeves
10. Fat guys who lounge around the campground shirtless
 9. Nobody ever goes after Alf with tranquilizer darts
 8. Chicks who have a hangup about lice-infested body hair
 7. This Dan Quayle Joke
 6. Kids would rather see the San Diego Chicken
 5. Lead role in "The Ed Asner Story" never materialized
 4. The way squirrels smell when they're damp
 3. Elvis always drops by right before dinner
 2. Honking Winnebagos while you're trying to enjoy road kill
 1. Drivers license photo makes him look like Gregg Allman

Top 10 Dog Excuses for Losing the Dog Show 
10. Mistaken in assumption there would be a chance to show off talent for
    drinking from toilet.
 9. Thought I saw that little chuck wagon.
 8. Bad idea going to Don King's barber.
 7. Caught in a lie claiming to be Cycle Two dog when I'm really Cycle Three.
 6. Shouldn't have picked Quayle as running mate.
 5. My life-long losing battle with problem drool.
 4. Spelled "ubiquitous" with two B's.
 3. Didn't know that was the judge's leg.
 2. Money goes to trainer anyway.  So let him stand naked in Madison Square
    Garden and get touched by a stranger in a bad suit.
 1. Like me, the whole thing was fixed.

(I don't know....they just make me laugh!)

So, anytime I can, I try to make 
my own Top Ten Lists. 

And what better thing to make a top ten list for than one of the topics I'm most passionate about?

And so....I present to you

Kim's Top 10 Stuff Management Rules

  1. Learn to love EMPTY and LESS.
  2. When something new comes in, something old goes out.
  3. Too much of a good thing is still a bad thing.
  4. Borrow instead of own.
  5. Be careful when you shop!
  6. Set limits for yourself and others.
  7. Have a place for "Extras" and "Errands."
  8. Organize into categories and then use clear, labeled containers to hold smaller things.
  9. People are more important than things.
  10. Have a specific place for things that need to go.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be talking about each of these "rules" in detail with lots of examples and pictures. So stay tuned!

Next Post:  Rule #1:  LEARN TO LOVE EMPTY

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