About Me

I grew up in Washington State, the oldest of four children, to really loving and supportive parents. The only thing I remember fighting with my mother about was what I considered to be "junk" on the kitchen counters and in other spaces. She would get so grumpy with me when I would clean up and then she couldn't find anything!  I can still hear her now...."Kimberly!!!! Where is the _____________ that was sitting right here? Did you throw it away???"

Fast forward 30 years or so and now I am the mom and my husband and children ask the questions. "Mom! Have you seen my _____________?" or "Kim, I put the _______________ right here and now it's gone. Did you give it to Goodwill?"

I tell people it's a disease.

But unlike other diseases, I really like mine! :)

I think it's really true that we have too much stuff and that if we are not careful we can easily be overtaken by our things. I have seen again and again how too much makes people grumpy, embarrassed, and sad. I have seen how people feel stuck and don't know a way out of the horrible effects of the Curse of Affluence.  I feel like I have somewhat figured it out and am excited to share what I know with others.

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